In Japan,a lot of hydrangea blooms.
When I was young,I did not pay attention to the existence of hydrangea.
So I'm looking forward to getting older.

My reading list;
「THE NIX」 Nathen hill
「The Paradise of Chance」Yusuke Miyauchi
「The Maids」Junichiro Tanizaki
「Davils in Daylight」Junichiro Tanizaki


NY ,still shining

Thank you New York!
It was really a dream that I could participate in the PEN world voices.
TRANSLATION SLAM, a lot of customers have come,
Besides, everyone was very enthusiastic and I was moved by asking many questions.
I had great translators Terry Gallagher and Iyasu Nagata .
They opened a new door in my brain that I did not know.

Of course I went to see the panel as an audience.
I was impressed by Shiori Ito's courage and integrity, and his willingness to be fair.
Turkish writer Elif Shafak was also amazing!
I became a big fan of her.

The exhibition of YUJI AGEMATSU was also wonderful ...!
At first I was just overwhelmed.
But as I kept watching it, I wanted to bless life of him and the original owner of the trash he had picked up.
Of course also my own life.
I think it is the biggest job that art can.

I thought that I would do my job sincerely.
New York, which gave me a lot of power, was shining like my friend Allison markin Powell,
Thank you so much!