Reading list

Of course this situation is unexpected.
However,our daily life continue.
I read,read,and read.

”Light in august ” William Faulkner
"Great Expectations" Charles Dickens
"Three-body Problem" Cixin Liu
"The departure of new eyes" Prabda Soon
"9 Short stories" Yan Lianke
"The blind assassin" Margaret Atwood
"Pizzeria Kamikaze" Etgar Keret
"Paradise" Toni Morrison
"Sabrina" Nick Drones

Books always do me a world of good.



I moved to Vancouver with my family a month ago.
Very nice to meet you,Canadian peaple!
We are very happy because all peaple in vancouver is kind(especially to kids!) and relaxed.
I want to study english hard and read a lot of world literature.
Now I am reading "A brief history of seven killings"by Marlon James.
I can't stop reading it!
I was possessed by a lot of voices.


Cheltenham literary festival!

I will join the Cheltenham literary festival!
I will participate in 12th sat event.

Also,I will have an event on London in 11 fri night.
When the details of that event are decided,I will add it here.

I am looking forward to see many authors and you!