NY ,still shining

Thank you New York!
It was really a dream that I could participate in the PEN world voices.
TRANSLATION SLAM, a lot of customers have come,
Besides, everyone was very enthusiastic and I was moved by asking many questions.
I had great translators Terry Gallagher and Iyasu Nagata .
They opened a new door in my brain that I did not know.

Of course I went to see the panel as an audience.
I was impressed by Shiori Ito's courage and integrity, and his willingness to be fair.
Turkish writer Elif Shafak was also amazing!
I became a big fan of her.

The exhibition of YUJI AGEMATSU was also wonderful ...!
At first I was just overwhelmed.
But as I kept watching it, I wanted to bless life of him and the original owner of the trash he had picked up.
Of course also my own life.
I think it is the biggest job that art can.

I thought that I would do my job sincerely.
New York, which gave me a lot of power, was shining like my friend Allison markin Powell,
Thank you so much!



I will join the TRANSLATION SLAM of PEN AMERICA WORLD VOICES FESTIVAL in New York, which will be held in May!
A literary festival that raises the streets of New York!
I'm just happy to write this blog and I'm going to scream out ...
I wanted to see Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I joined FESTIVAL several years ago as a audience.
I was very excited to see her live for the first time.
It is truly a dream that I can join the festival as a guest this time.
May 9th, 19:00. The place is NUYORICAN POETS CAFE,It is a wonderful cafe with a glorious history.


Of course, I will join various events as a audience.
Please call me if you find me.


cherry blossoms

Tokyo gradually warms up, and the cherry blossoms called Kawazu cherry blossoms are blooming in the neighborhood of the house.
When I saw the cherry blossoms, I came to think "I will absolutely burn with my eyes." I do not shoot with smartphones, I am just watching.Even though I did not think about cherry blossoms when I was young.
The following are the books that I read from the end of the year to recently.

How to be both Ali Smith
Open City tegu Cole
The Soul of an Octopus Sy Montgomery
Kings and Circuses Honobu Yonezawa
Date Cleansing Asako Yuzuki
Wanna go to the park,on Tuesday? Took Shibasaki
The oni over there Areno Inoue