The bluest eye

I wrote about " The bluest eye" written by Toni Morrison on lithub.

This year is 50th celebration that her first novel have been published.
I know she is the special author for not only me but also everyone in the world.
But I believe it is different that "how special she is" for each one.
I wrote my own "how special she is" as a Japanese woman born in 1977.


Update of SantJordiNY

Sant Jordi Ny has been started!
Our time is 7:30pm EDT saturday and 4:30pm PDT.
Before us, Sayaka Murata reads her works!!!
It's amazing!!!!
I hope you all enjoy it and you and your loved one is well.


Sant Jordi NYC

I will participate in San Jordi NYC held from Apr 23 to 25.
This is the day to send roses and books to your loved ones.
It will be held online because of this situation.
But being virtual means you can join this festival from anywhere in the world.
Please join and share this!