freemans&SLICE magazine!!!!

I will write information and diary in English from today.
My English is terrible but I will make an effort. 

I am a novelist. Besides the novels I draw pictures and picture books are also published. Please see the works and gallery of this WEB page for details and see my biography for my profile.
Someone wrote on wikipedia.
Thank you, someone!

My short story "burn" was published in literary magazine "freemans".
It is my great pleasure to be posted in a magazine that I respected .
John Freeman, who is the publisher, is pushed back with a powerful introduction (just like the “power” itself that is the issue).

And at the "SLICE" magazine, I will participate in EXQUSITE CORPSE!
The theme is "flight."CLAUDIA SALAZAR JIMENEZ, PEMA BHUM, KRYS LEE, and me, four people is making one work.
Flighting Peru, Tibet, Japan, Korea is hard, but it would be great if you read this work and have a trip.